The River Beneath The River


5 X 7 card with envelope. Blank inside.

Item No. RVE925

Story on the back of the card:

Flowing beneath and beyond the banks of the river is another river. This zone, the hyporheic, can reach thirty feet below the riverbed. Home to more life-forms than live in the river above, it also contains a greater concentration of nutrients.

The river above, however, is the ecosystem we can see as we walk along shady banks that offer microclimates of cooler air. Frogs and some salamanders lay their eggs amidst the cobbles and gravel stones that lie on the riverbottom ooze. Clear and slow, the quiet water of side channels offers a resting place for young fish such as salmon, where tangled branches and tumbled logs provide safety from predators. Aquatic insects and shellfish like these places, too; some involuntarily feed fish. Or ducks. These mallards were hiking down the mossy bank to water’s edge when I photographed them near Camas, Washington.