In Crowning Glory


5 X 7 card with envelope. Blank inside.

Item No. ICG925

Story on the back of the card:

Varied, variegated, various: In places, nature may be as arid as an Arabian desert, in others, as lush as a rainforest growing with absurd fecundity. It is that diversity in nature that makes things so wonderful, and complicated. Not only do different plants grow in different ecosystems, they also grow in different ways depending on site, soil, sunlight, season. A conifer may grow tall and wide on a moist, leeward aspect; trying to make it in the blustery subalpine, beaten by winds and battered by snow, it may grow twisted and stunted. Though the very same species as its milder-situated kin, krummholz trees would not give a comparable picture of height and crown size.

This tree is a krummholz larch, growing twisted from the punishing weather in subalpine zone of the North Cascades. I photographed it in September as I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Though a conifer, larch is not evergreen. Its needles turn golden yellow in the fall, then drop.